Trusting God

It always happens. Being tested in the area I’m going to be speaking on, that is.
In January I spoke on ‘Trusting God’. Yippee.

I’d already had an eventful 2016 with lots of reasons one would need to trust God…visits to the emergency room for my husband’s heart which kept insisting on doing its own thing; family illnesses; deaths; hormone-changing surgery (if you catch my drift); the worst case of pneumonia I’ve ever had in my life (well, the only case of pneumonia I’ve ever had in my life); attempted identity theft and credit card fraud…all of this and more, while trying to finish some pretty tough classes so I could finally graduate.

You know. Life.

It was in the midst of some of this “life” that I had to work on this ‘Trusting God’ speaking engagement and let me tell you, not only was I tested in the area of trusting God, but have continued to be ever since. (I’m beginning to realize that my speaking and writing is not so much for others as it is for me. Another yippee.)

That said, there’s a flip-side to all of this. Yes, I’ve been stretched in the area of trusting God till my sanity is about to snap, but I’ve also had the opportunity to live out what I’ve spoken on and reap the rewards.

For instance, one of the points I made is that we find peace and joy in the midst of life’s trials when we trust in God’s person, not His performance.

What do I mean?

Well, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get God to do everything I want Him to. He just doesn’t always take my advice. For example:

  • I’ve asked Him over and over to heal me from migraines I get every so often. (I have one right now as I write.)
  • I asked Him to let the preparation for my last speaking engagement to go smoothly THIS TIME, without any stressors. (I dealt with pneumonia, credit card theft, and two deaths.)
  • I’ve asked Him repeatedly to make me a few sizes smaller. (I’m still waiting.)

My many life challenges expose an interesting truth about me: it’s when things don’t go my way or get resolved that my trust begins to waver. Why?

Well, one reason is that, quite frankly, it’s not really a trust issue. It’s a me-not-getting-my-way issue. I’m the little brat who folds her arms, takes her ball, and marches home – leaving God in the proverbial dust. It has nothing to do with trusting God and everything to do with being disappointed and dissatisfied.

The other reason, however, is quite different:

It’s that my trust is centered on what God is going to do in my circumstance rather than trusting in Him and His character. It’s about trusting His performance – not His person.

This concept is huge and can be a real game-changer once we get it.

One way places trust in how the circumstances will turn out. The other trusts that the One who is in control of all circumstances is so good, and on our side, that no matter how the circumstances of our lives turn out on this side of heaven, somehow, He’ll use them for our good.

Migraines and fat thighs included.

Moreover, think about it: the God of the universe, our biggest advocate and cheerleader, cannot be bad in His care for us.

How friggin’ cool is that?

Now, that’s someone we can trust in!

If you’re struggling with trusting God, boy, do I understand. Working on the various points of my last speaking engagement helped me in more ways than one; perhaps it will speak to you too. You’re welcome to watch it by clicking here.

Until next time, my friends, live blessed!

6 thoughts on “Trusting God

  1. Teri Larson Zelina

    Sherri, I can’t wait to hear you speak again at our Gathering. You have such a way with God’s truth. I just read this morning that we have only received a small portion of what God wants to give us. Ask and trust in Him. God does not disappoint!


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