The Chrysalis

The Chrysalis (this place I do life)
a poem, Sherri Stone-Bennett

It’s dark in here. In this place I do life.

Feels like I’ve been here forever, hanging around . . .dangling about in the thinnest of air.

       Or . . .is there air? Don’t feel it, sense it, 

            yet I know I’m still here . . .

Not much to see here, either, in this place I do life.

Abstract images, much like my thoughts, tossing about . . .

       Why this? Why that? When this?

       What if not?

Dark shadows and faint light, all in monotone hue.

Then the next single day . . .

       Is that sun shining through?

Even that’s hard to look at with eyes accustomed to the dark.

So, I squint. Barely able to take it in. Enjoy its shine on me.

       Care for my soul . . .accept it graciously . . .

It’s hard to make out anything, either, in this place I do life.

Hard to distinguish whether I’m up or down. Maybe sideways? All turned around . . .

I am not who I used to be, yet not who I’ll become.

       So, who am I in this hidden place completely unknown?

       Or am I even at all? So wholly undone?

Can’t give, can’t receive, here in this place I do life. 

Nothing in. Nothing out. All energy spent on forming . . .wondering . . .thinking . . .

       simply being . . .

Completely unusable. Untouchable. Unstable. Unable.

        Perhaps that’s the worst . . .feeling wildly incapable . . .

I cry here, often, in this place I do life.

Hidden tears roll madly, uncontrollably . . .perhaps sometimes too timidly . . .

And where do they go to, with no place to escape through?

       They absorb back into me, too often, too easily.

       Determined to affect every cell, piece, and part of me.

       Secretly altering my very identity.

       Or, maybe, perhaps, even trying to become me . . .

I don’t know anymore.

I’ve lost all sense of me.  

And yet . . .

There’s a small space where hope lives, in this place I do life.

It offers respite. Contentment. And peace.

       I know I’ll survive.

Though I’m not able to do anything, much less try that or this,

He can. He will. He wants to.

            He is.

My job’s to be still. Let Him work. Do as He wishes.

       Trust that the stillness is exactly what His will is.

So, I’ll stay here with Him, in this place I do life.

            Evidence my trust by awaiting this meantime.

Listen closely to the voice that has always been by me,

            ever eager to speak words that will love, calm, and guide me . . .

Rest, the Master says . . .

            Rest in chrysalis I have formed just for you.

            Rest in the messy. The uncomfortable. The blue.

            There is value in the dark. You can trust Me; it’s true.

            For what’s growing there is freedom, and custom wings too!

            Maybe orange or bright green or the deepest maroon . . .

            Either way, they’ll be strong,

            having been tried, tested, and true.

            They will fly you to new heights and places anew . . .

            So, hold on to these thoughts of what together we’ll do!

            And remember My grace.

            I’m forever for you.

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30 thoughts on “The Chrysalis

  1. Kris Brown

    What an exceptional description! I felt claustrophobic in there with you, feeling the confusion and fear along side you. And the hope!

    “My job’s to be still. Let Him work. Do as He wishes. Trust that the stillness is exactly what His will is.”
    (Hit my heart hard)

    Amazing picture of our struggle in becoming who He wants us to be! And to achieve it!! 🦋

    You’re beautiful!!!

    1. Sherri Stone-Bennett Post author

      Thank you, most beautiful sister! So thankful for you and to be walking on this renewed writing journey with you. Love you, much!! ❤️

  2. chico

    My thoughts… you have much to share and this was so special, thank you. Please accept my encouragement to keep writing writing writing… regardless if it is shared or between you and God, please dont forget the gift of expression you have through writing.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

    1. Sherri Stone-Bennett Post author

      Thank you, so much, my friend. Your words are very encouraging. Blessings to you and yours as well!!

  3. Anonymous

    Oh Sherri…you have captured a mastery of each one of us at a moment or moments in our lives. I felt each word as I read it. I could not help but choke up a bit and shed a tear, not just for reliving similar feelings BUT for the hope that we have and the God we have that is always right here waiting for us to lean into him and grab his gracious hand and allow our hearts and minds to feel the PEACE and JOY and HOPE that we can only receive from him. I am grateful for you and thankful that you shared such a deep dark and yet bright display of real feelings and emotions. Thank you for being a a shining light of Gods love 😘

  4. Teri Zelina

    Sherri,Your gift is so great Don’t ever lose it We all need your words specially now Thank you that was beautiful

  5. Anonymous

    As I sit on my sofa on this rainy Monday afternoon, to read such tender words that have deeply touched my soul on so many levels, I commend you, for sharing such deep emotions and to be able to make it flow like a beautiful stream. My eyes filled up with tears as I digested each line of this beautiful work. God Bless you and all you do Sherri. You are a beautiful person.

    1. Sherri Stone-Bennett Post author

      Thank you, sweet friend. Ditto. Your photography blesses me equally. ❤️

  6. Lyssa Stone

    Once again you had perfect words at the perfect time. I could feel every word as you went on. Thank you for sharing your gift with everyone. Anyone who reads it will be blessed! You are in my prayers! Take good care💞🙏🏼

  7. Rebecca Frey

    Sometimes we just don’t understand Gods work…
    I trust and believe today!
    I feel your words and it was beautiful reading them..
    There is always something to be learned through the darkest times in our lives..
    I am grateful to see that today, and now, whenever I am going through the darkest of darkest moments in my life.
    I trust, believe, and know there was a purpose…
    I cant wait for my wings!!

    I love you cuz!

    1. Sherri Stone-Bennett Post author

      Thank you, sweet cuz. Isn’t it life-changing to finally get that He is always good?! I can’t wait to see your wings too!! Love you so much!


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