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Texas Floods or Nashville Statement: What is Love Supposed to Look Like?

I watched an elderly man get stuck in his car in the middle of the street, in the middle of raging waters, in the middle of one of the largest natural disasters known to Texas…

And a long line of strangers, linking arms, making a chain so they could brave the waters and rescue that man who they have never met before in their lives.

I watched a mama holding her little sweet-pea of a daughter, crying at the loss of everything. Everything.

And a man who opened his furniture store up and turned it into an evacuation center…people sleeping on his brand-new mattresses, never to be sold and turned into profit.

I watched rescue, after rescue, after rescue, after rescue, as people were being freed from deathtraps that had once been their homes…

And boat, after boat, after boat, after boat, still making their way in from far-away places to make those rescues possible.

People, all sorts of people, coming together to help. To love.

And no one cares about each other’s religious beliefs.
And no one gives a rip about political views.
And no one is concerned about sexuality or stances on marriage.
All they care about is love in action.

What a difference between watching rescue missions and reading about those who are on a mission to make sure their precious beliefs are known, at the worst possible time, at the cost of hurting others. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about just Google Nashville Statement.)

It’s interesting. For the life of me, I can’t remember Jesus writing a Nashville-style manifesto for the world to know where He stood on things; I just remember Him writing in the sand to some super-important, influential religious people…

I don’t remember Him asking people what their beliefs were before He reached out and touched them; I just remember Him healing them…all of them…

I don’t remember Him having to take a hard stance on, well, anything…Oh, except I do remember He was pretty inflexible about loving God and loving others…

Oh, sweet people. My fellow Christ-followers. When will we wake up and actually follow His example? Does it take natural disasters to remind us to lay down our arms and simply love? Serve? Give? Heal?

I, for one, have been challenged these last few days. Shut up. Just do. Open your storehouse. Reach out a hand to someone who needs rescuing. Link arms with others. Pluck people out from the pits of despair.

Your beliefs mean nothing other than the actions that are behind them. Life is short, Sherri. Make it matter. And what matters is what you do – not what you say or even what you believe.

Praying for change and healing in our world. And it starts with me.

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