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Judgment Day

Judgment Day
Sherri Stone-Bennett






Today is judgment day.

Today, when I turned on the television and rolled my eyes.

Today, when I decided I know, with absolute certainty, where your motives really lie.

Today, when I decided that your over-involvement means you have way too much to do.

Today, when I decided that your un-involvement shows you really have no clue.

Today, when I decided by your Instagrammed protest you just wanted a little attention.

Today, when I decided that you not protesting meant you’d rather just avoid confrontation.

Today, when I decided your political affiliation reveals the status of your soul.

Today, when I decided that your opinions are all about control.

Today, when I decided that I really do know what is best.

Today, when I decided I’d rather take the time to judge than to bless.

Today, when I decided to further break things down rather than heal.

Today, when I decided to partner with the thief who comes to destroy, kill, and steal.

Yes. Judgment Day is not only coming. It is here. It is now. It is me.

Because it’s so much easier to point my fingers than ask God to open my eyes so that I can see.

So much easier to watch on the sidelines and wear the hat of referee.

So much easier to deflect and defend than to turn the other cheek.

Especially to my enemies.

(And today, there seem to be so many…)

So much easier to not trust the words of Jesus and fight hard for unity.

Instead, I fight for my rights.

My peace.

My security.

Forgive us, God, for we know not what we do!

Or do we?

 Would we rather ignore what is right, just, and true?

 Help us to show we trust Your ways, Your words, Your wisdom, by our actions – not just say that we do.

 Help us to lean into the hard truths. Not just for the sake of others.

But for our own saving, too.

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