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When Things Don’t Quite Go As Planned

He stripped me. Again. Stripped me of any control, any choice, any preference – without even consulting my fragile feelings or anxious heart.

He does that, you know. God often allows life to happen in ways we’re not always thrilled about.

I wanted the retreat I was speaking at recently to go perfectly; me and my sweet little agendas. After all, the best made plans can really help a girl out. But they can also be the death of her. Trust me, I know; having things mapped-out can be a really great thing – until those things start going all over the map.

For instance, I had planned to have all of my work done at least one week before the retreat so I could marinate in what I was speaking on for a few days; really get it into my heart and not just my head.

And yet, due to some big life events in the weeks preceding, I found myself still making changes up until the day before I left – adding things, subtracting things, researching things, contemplating things, getting frustrated about things…

My only request was a private room in the hopes that I could have lots of alone time with God and be able to sleep well, so my mind would be clear and sharp during my talks.

And it was a great room. Except for the two outside lights that were on all night long, shining proudly through the mini blinds and boring straight through my eyeballs and into my brain, making me think it was morning for eight solid hours.

Then there was the rain that threatened my hair, the food that threatened my body, the text that threatened my peace, and the thoughts that threatened to stir-up all of my insecurities.

All before I even put the lapel mic on.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned. My ducks were not only no longer in a row, some of them had flat-out taken off. My expectations were shattered and I was on the verge of becoming a perfect wreck – all because things weren’t going the way I wanted them to. The way I had been praying for them to go.

By Saturday afternoon, I had finished one of my talks and was walking back to my room to crash. The morning session had gone well enough, but I was still a little miffed.

Why even pray if our prayers don’t get answered?

As I hurried back through a heavy drizzle, mulling over this question and my weekend thus far, I started thinking…

I had prayed that God would let me be prepared well ahead of time so that I could be confident, knowing that it would all turn out great.

So God put me in a situation where I would learn that things could go great even when I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be. All of that worry was for nothing; I could have been confident the whole time.

I wanted to be able to sleep well so that I would have the strength to do a good job.

So God put me in a situation where I would learn that I could muster the strength to do a good job and get through a speaking engagement despite having a groggy brain and weary eyeballs.

I wanted to be able to leave the cares of my life behind so they wouldn’t affect me and I could have peace while doing the assignment I was given to do.

So God put me in a situation where I had no choice but to put my cares on the shelf for a later time and not let them affect me; not allow them to take my attention and steal my peace.

After a few minutes of walking in the rain, I started smiling. Because the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my prayers were being answered – those prayers for confidence, strength, and peace. After all, those were the things I was really after.

And as I considered this further, a very important truth sunk deep into my soul:

God isn’t as interested in making situations right, as He is in making people right.

See, I want things to be just right so I can handle things well. But God wants me to be right so I can handle the not-so-good things well.

He isn’t interested in perfecting my circumstances. He’s interested in perfecting meso that when those less-than-desirable circumstances rear their ugly heads, I will someday automatically operate out of confidence. And strength. And peace. Because these virtues have become a part of me; apart from my circumstances.

My problem is, I want to have confidence, strength, and peace, because everything is going smooth and my world is perfect. Duh. As if everything will be right this side of heaven.

So, because it never will be, God wants to build in me what I can have this side of heaven: all of those virtues despite everything that’s going on around me.

And I am reminded once again…

True freedom isn’t being free from adverse circumstances; it’s being able to go through adverse circumstances without them adversely affecting you.  

Oh, man. What a concept. And what a different way to look at my circumstances – and my prayers.

They’re probably being answered a whole lot more than I realize. And in much bigger ways. And for a much greater purpose.

I bet yours are too.  :)


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When the World Seems to Be Going to Hell in a Handbasket

I’m trying to understand. Still.

How whole islands get wiped out by water and wind.
And why.

How earthquakes can so mercilessly swallow homes…and families…and happy times.
And why.

How a man can be seemingly normal and then do something very abnormal, like destroy loved ones with a barrage of bullets as well as ruin the lives of the loved ones they left behind.
And why.  

How people can let issues on kneeling, or not kneeling, or love for health care reform, or love for Obamacare, or love for the left, or love for the right, or love for guns, or love for gun control, get priority over showing unconditional love for man.
And why.

I’ve cried a lot the last few weeks; maybe more than I ever have, over our world. Not only are we exploding, we are imploding; promoting way more division than unity. So besides asking the what the heck is going on question over and over, I also keep asking myself, what else can I do? Because I often feel helpless. And frustrated. Cause, see, no matter what myself and other good-meaning people do, (and by the way – there are lots of them), things just seem to be getting worse.

And yet…I still love this Scripture, believe in this Scripture, live by this Scripture:

“Don’t let evil get the best of you; get the best of evil by doing good.”
Romans 12:21 MSG

I can honestly say that I’ve worked hard – and purposefully – at overcoming evil in this world by doing good. But this morning, as I stared at this verse, something else stood out, caught my attention, and pricked my soul…

Don’t let evil get the best of you.

Oh, man. How has evil gotten the best of me?

When I’ve focused on being right more than I have on relationship…
When I’ve fallen into cynicism as opposed to holding onto hopefulness…
When I’ve spewed negativity rather than inspired positivity…
When I’ve valued being listened to more than listening…
When I’ve focused on the worst of a person rather than the best…
When I’ve sought to be understood more than I have to understand…
When I’ve thrown my hands in the air instead of holding on to others…
When I’ve promoted argument instead of peace…
When I’ve put down instead of lifted up…
Given up instead of persevered…
Let go of instead of carried…

And I realize.

I can do good and still let evil get the best of me. Which then gets the best of you.

And I wonder…

Can the good I do be voided by the bad? Or at least, diminished by it? Diluted?

I say I want to do good – and my intentions might be right – but I wonder if the evil I often fall into ends up discrediting these good intentions. Like loving someone and then talking behind their back.

And I think…maybe my “good” would go a whole lot further if I got rid of the evil tagging along behind it. Maybe my good actions will be more effective if they are clean and not tainted by ulterior motives and needing to be right. And that Scripture might work a little more effectively in this world if I heed to the whole of it – not just part of it. Then, maybe my small contributions will start enacting some real change in the world.

Oh, I know I can’t change the whole world.

But I can change mine.


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