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In my recent post Using the “F” Word I wrote that for me, being “fine” meant that I was going to give myself permission to post blogs more often – even if it meant they were unrefined, just-because-I-want-to posts. Turns out, I’ve actually posted less often. Too funny. The cool thing though, is that I’ve been completely fine with it. I’ve put no pressure on myself and have been enjoying my crazy summer, bloggless and all. I think I’m finally making progress. :)

So, on to some overdue updates. (I’ve had quite the eventful summer.) First, for all who have been wondering and praying, I had the surgery to remove the mass in my breast and everything turned out great; no cancer! I am a happy camper over here – and extremely humbled. Since finding out I would need surgery, I learned of several others who didn’t get such good news and would be facing surgery themselves; except theirs would be mastectomy’s. One woman I know of is younger than me and battling the most aggressive kind of breast cancer. Like I said, humbling. I’ve been praying for her all summer.

In other news, not long after my surgery, I found out my beautiful “baby” is going to have a baby. (YAHOO!) This is grandbaby number two, and this Nana is over-the-moon excited, (although I hardly feel like a “grandma.”) Being a young grandparent rocks; I’m still able to get down-and-dirty on the floor with them, get them all riled up, encourage them to be as loud as they possibly can and drive their parents nuts. It’s an absolute blast! (That’s my little Carter-boy in the picture above; proof that FaceTiming Nana is a highlight of his day.)

To top all of this off, my son proposed to his sweet-pea of a girlfriend this last weekend. She is a real gem and I am so privileged to welcome her into our family. I finally get to wear the title of “mom-in-law” and again, couldn’t be more thrilled. Like I said, a wonderful, eventful summer.

All of that said, it seems like my life is finally winding down. We are well established in our new home, yard renovations are coming to an end, and most of the pictures are finally hung. My surgery is over with and I’m feeling a great sense of calm. I think it’s finally time to get serious about writing this book, and the process has already begun.

What about you? Are you in crazy-busy mode, feeling like you’re always chasing life – or are you longing to finally take on that new venture you’ve always dreamed of? I’ll make you a deal. You pray for my new venture and I’ll pray for yours. Or, if you need prayer just to get out of crazy-busy mode so you can slow down and enjoy life a bit more, I can pray for that too. Just let me know. After my cancer scare, life has become a bit more sacred to me – and I don’t want to waste a minute of it.

Looking forward to sharing new chapters together,


2 thoughts on “Overdue updates

  1. Jill

    Life is so full isn’t it?! With joyful news, new babies and also health scares, But full nontheless. I love your blogs. I also love having time to read them and also respond. I am in a change mode myself. I also keep thinking about the book I want to write. Maybe we should be accountability partners with our books. My problem is I still need to figure out if God wants me to do it, or if it is just my will.

    I fell again at work on the last day of school with a nasty hemotoma and a shock wave up my spine, and as of Saturday in the ER with a blood clot in my calf. It is the superficial kind thank the Lord. In the capillaries, not in the vein. It started hurting really badly after coming back from Ireland. Isn’t God great? He even let me go to Ireland and tour the country doing A LOT of walking, and then let the pain start when I got home. He is so generous! Seriously. But now….talk about a forced slow down! However I am grateful that God is slowing me down. I have been stubborn and not listening. I now think he wants me to take it easy for some other plan of his. Just praying and waiting. I will pray for you and yes please pray for me. Love you sister!

  2. sherribennettblog

    Oh wow, God is so good for letting you enjoy your trip without pain! I’ll be praying for that and also that God will make it clear whether you are supposed to write this book. I’m sure you don’t want to put your efforts into anything that He’s not in – you would me missing out on other things He has in store for you. But if you are supposed to write it, or do anything else for that matter, we can absolutely hold each other accountable. I’d love that. Let me know when you want to come and hang. Love you, girlfriend! xo


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