Making radical cuts.

I chopped it off. At least four inches, if not more. I am now sporting a short “do” with warm-blond curls. And I absolutely love it!

I feel lighter – and I’m not just talking hair. Something happened as I sat in that chair watching clumps of my beloved locks fall to the ground: I was letting go of an older version of me and looking forward to a new one. I was taking chances and trying something new. In just a short amount of time I’d be making some crazy-fun changes. YES!! (Arm gesture included.)

It makes me think: what else could I lop off that might make room for something new?

  • Sometimes I have a stinky attitude that needs removing. And it’s really hard to bring on a good smelling attitude until the nasty one’s gone.
  • I could cut out my over-analyzing tendencies (ok, I guess that’s called criticizing), and free my mind to think encouraging thoughts of others instead. (I could even share those encouraging thoughts!)
  • If I were really brave I might even cut a few of the already-limited TV shows I watch, creating more time to read and learn something new. (That’s if I were really brave.)

What about you? I bet you could make a list too.

  • Maybe it would include cutting out relationships that are draining or keeping you from being your best; in turn, this could make room for new, healthy ones.
  • Or perhaps God’s been telling you to move onto something else – vocationally or otherwise – but you need to let go of where you’re at first.
  • You might still need to cut ties to your past so that you’re able to embrace life in a new way now.

I wonder if too many times we aren’t receiving anything new simply because we aren’t willing to part with the old first.

I encourage you. Take a chance. Like my hair, the first chop is always the hardest. My sweet hairdresser didn’t see my internal jaw drop on the floor (I wanted to spare her the drama of what was going on inside). But once that first step was taken the new me began to fall into place!

Thanks for letting me indulge in this quick, mini-blog. I’m feeling a bit light this week… :)

4 thoughts on “Making radical cuts.

  1. Ali

    That’s really encouraging. I may have to cut my hair off too! I’ve killed mine tho!! …with bleach. ive been trying to go back blonde. But my plan turned on me.. =\ I’m not excited to be cutting it short at all. But we will see how this goes. Everything happens for a reason! =p


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