Just being honest . . .

Over the last few days, I’ve been ruminating over our Kenneth Boa quote, “We teach what we believe, but we reproduce what we are.” I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking . . . What profound truth can I add to this? How can I expand on it and make more of a conversation out of it? What new insight might be gained?

I have nothing. (Other than that I believe it with my whole heart and believe it to be biblical, story after story in the Old Testament bearing witness.) So instead, I’ll sum it up with this deep proverb that we’re all familiar with:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The sad part is, we think about and quote this cliché only after the fact, after we’ve just witnessed the same sins of one being repeated in another – be it a child, student or congregant. We don’t dwell on this much beforehand while we, ourselves, are in the process of creating another apple.

But did you know that we can change??

Maybe you haven’t been the most disciplined person in the world – and your kids have followed suit. You can change. Maybe you haven’t been the most devoted Christ follower – maybe you’ve been an “80%” Christian like I was for many years, and your friends have been influenced by your example. You can change. You can change, and influence the important people in your life to change too.

Oh, and one more truism to add that rocks my world:

But God.

Yes, we make mistakes. We screw up, blow it big-time and are poor examples. But God! But God, rich in mercy and grace, not only blesses us despite ourselves, but turns our junk into good if we let Him. Now that’s a truth I want to exemplify in my life and pass on to others!

Hm. I guess I did have something to say after all.

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