How Grinch Stole My Christmas – Almost

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May I get something off my chest? I’ve been a little grouchy this Christmas season. A little “Grinch-like.” Want to hear my excuses? Here you go…

•  The holidays started off with me backing out of my garage into someone else’s car who was parked right behind me. I have a heavy car. Lots of repairs. Yippee.
•  I screwed up the lyrics to a song I recently sang and my vocals were less than perfect. Self-condemnation made sure I knew I had let my friend down who had put this event together, (even though Self-condemnation had never given her the memo).
•  In my hurriedness, I didn’t think through some of the planning for our Christmas dinner of 35 people at our house. It’s going to be a tad snug this year. Good thing we all like each other.
•  I went to make myself a cup of coffee one morning to lift my spirits. And forgot to put the cup under the Keurig. Nice.
•  The kicker? I almost did it again. Right after the first time.
•  I’ve had very bad hormone “issues” this month. My poor husband. Enough said.

As I laid in bed this morning, confessing my bad attitude to God, I was gently reminded of some things a few other people I know are dealing with this Christmas season…

•  Like my sweet friend who has cancer.
•  And my friend who’s been alone, looking for a soul-mate to share Christmases with for years.
•  And my other friend who is still desperately looking for a job.
•  And another one who will spend this first Christmas without her mom.

How sobering.

That I have a car to back into someone is amazing. That God has gifted me with a voice to sing His praises – even more amazing. And my large, wonderful family? I get to call “mine.”

Not to mention, I am the daughter of the most amazing God – the one and only true God – who humbled himself into human form, over 2,000 years ago, so that I could drink that cup of coffee, warmed by His grace.

It’s time to introduce my Grinch-like attitude to the real meaning of Christmas.

And so, this year my prayer is that, more than anything else, I come to understand Christmas at a different level. A deeper one. One that is not defined by long lines, bad drivers, lack of parking spaces, forgetting gifts, bad attitudes or spilled coffee. Rather, one that is defined by the most important gift anyone could ever have – the Good News of a Good Savior. Enough said.

I pray that you get that too. And may we all, no matter what our circumstances, have a very merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “How Grinch Stole My Christmas – Almost

  1. Chris Monahan (@iceczar)

    Sorry to hear your season isn’t going as you hoped. I am relieved that none of the your problems/issues is really serious (i.e. life-threatening). You are a good friend to think of — and pray for, I’m certain — your friends who ARE going through some difficulties (I would be on that list). And I know you are smart enough to remember that God loves you whether you struggle or thrive. Keep your beautiful head held high (the better to talk to God). And please keep singing: Remember that He isn’t the only one who loves to hear that God-given talent come out. Blessings for Christmas and the coming new year.


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