After years of soul-searching, contemplating, getting fired-up, melting down, struggling, laughing, crying and whining, my writing ministry is finally born. (It’s been a long “nine months”.)

But fear no longer gets a vote in the matter. Helping others through the sharing of my own struggles wins.

And so, we begin. I say “we” because this won’t really be about me; this is a forum for us – to share, dump, encourage, learn and do life together.

I haven’t thought through how this will look; what all I will write about or how the format will take shape. But I’m not going to worry about that anymore. My wise girlfriend “encouraged” me with a sweet knock upside the head the other night over dinner to get off my butt, start writing and just be me. So if you don’t end up liking what you read, blame her.

For now, I will simply post this brief intro with (hopefully) wiser words to follow soon. It is time to nurse my aching back and contemplate nothing more than the meaning of ibuprofen.

However, I will leave you with this quote:

“We teach what we believe, but we reproduce what we are.”  (Kenneth Boa, Conformed to His Image)

Really think about that. How much value do you place (or not) on this statement? Is it biblical? I look forward to your thoughts and sharing a few of my own.

Until then, choose to keep growing!

1 thought on “Finally!

  1. hart4him

    Soul stirring words that could go in a million different directions. My initial thought was something I try to do with my son. I cannot teach him by my words if my actions do not line up. I want him to KNOW God. If I speak to him of God and I live a life of self seeking, what will he become? Confused at best I would say, and at worst???…. I don’t even want to guess.

    But the question, “Is it biblical?” Do we claim Christ and still sin/fall short? I do. Do I therefore believe that when I speak of God and what I feel and believe about His character, my faith and/or His existence, that I can only put forth wreckage because I will in short order, do something unrighteous? I can say that I am, today, truly grateful that God is God and I am not, and that His mercies are new EVERYDAY. So when I attempt to be my best self today, and fail miserably, but for the grace of God, tomorrow I will try again. I will trust in the process and allow God to determine what in my life He will use to get to the heart of another for His glory. I want to believe only my good stuff can be used, but my yuck can also bring someone that much closer to God. I know that when I am hurting, I fall much quciker to my knees. And really, thats where I belong.
    (: Bec xo


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