God lies

God lies. What do you have to say about that?

What lies, about God or yourself, have you battled throughout your life?

I asked a few people this question and here are just a few of their answers:

  • I can’t be used by God or won’t be used by God. (When asked why? It really has everything to do with not feeling worthy and lost opportunity.)
  • God is always angry or disappointed in me.
  • I don’t have any spiritual gifts. Other, more special, people do.
  • God can’t be trusted and asking Him for guidance and protection doesn’t do anything.
  • I’m nobody special because I didn’t graduate or succeed at much in life and never will.
  • If God is such a good God, why have so many bad things happened to me?
  • God is not really interested in what I do; He’s too busy with more important things.
  • If people knew who I really was they wouldn’t like me.
  • God doesn’t have a purpose for my life.
  • I am damaged goods because as a child, I experienced molestation and incest.
  • God doesn’t really like me too much; he just tolerates me.

How sad. And a few of those are mine.

The saddest part isn’t the lies themselves, but that we actually believe them. And live by them. As I began to read through each answer, it got me thinking:

          What if this particular person stopped believing this particular lie? What would their life look like?

I could only imagine . . .

  • Maybe the person who sees themselves as “damaged goods” would finally feel free to have a voice in this world.
  • Maybe the one who feels like they lost the opportunity to be used by God would dare to dream again – and let God do something radical and unexpected with their life. Or maybe they would experience freedom in knowing that God has them right where He wanted them all along.
  • Maybe the person who thinks God is too busy to be interested in their life, would become excited again about sharing every little detail with God – finding themselves praying without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17) without even trying.

I don’t know. These are just my thoughts going wild. But I do know one thing:

We will not live our lives to the fullest as long as we’re operating out of lies.

It’s not possible. It’d be like trying get somewhere with wrong directions.

Jesus told us He came not to just give us life, but that we might have it more abundantly, to the full (John 10:10).

My questions are not about the specific lies you’re believing (although that’d be great for you to think about if you’ve never done that before), but rather:

            Why do you think we resign to living out of these lies?

            Why aren’t we doing everything in our power (knowing God will do what we can’t do), to battle these lies and put them to rest once and for all?

            Is it even possible to do so? Or are we just doomed to operate out of these lies because of our human nature?

I can think of a few Scriptures that speak to this. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

13 thoughts on “God lies

  1. Lisa

    Love it! Praying right now for break through for all who continue to believe those lies!! Jesus still heals!!

  2. Anonymous

    The battle for truth is definitely in our minds. I’ve heard it said our beliefs are written on a window that we look at life through. What we write on that window surely affects our life decisions and relationships. How do we fight that battle? 2 Cor10:4-6, Romans12:2 with our goal replacing lies with truth or the mind of Christ 1 Cor 2:15-16 & Philippians 2:5-8

  3. Anonymous

    “God, give me the courage to keep trying and to trust you more, and experience the freedom that you will bring into my life. Thank you for wonderful Christian family and friends.” This is an important blog.

  4. Anonymous

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference amen.
    This is another prayer that was brought into my life and to others like me, as we try to recover from our addictions and miserable lives. I have to say, my recovery is with God this time around. It has been an on going battle that I was losing. I was defeated over and over again because, I denied God into my life. I never truly beleived in God and only called on him when I was in a very hurtful situation or a life and death moment….and then I would be praying…….”God if you help me out of this I will change my ways”, I will give my life to you………I lied to God hundreds of times in this manner. I never took my prayers seriously because the cross I bared and carried was getting heavier and heavier as the years passed, and life was so on. Being hurt and victimized over and over and over again and having no beleif system is suicide. It was for me. My life was ending soon and I never got the chance to really live, love, and “truly laugh”. I am very humbled in this time in my life. I prayed to God and told him that I needed him in my life because I knew I could not go on much longer, and this time I meant what I said to God. This time I got down on my knees, asking God to save my life because my life was nothing more than miserable existence and I was contiplating and planning to end it this time. God does not lie..We may live a life of lies, or in complete ignorance.
    God had always followed through, it was me who lied to God. I became more and more distant as I continued to deny him. I will no longer deny God. God is giving me my life back and he talks to me all the time. “And I know it is not my head talking”….It is truly God. He told me that he has some wonderful blessings for me ahead, that he wants me to use my knowledge and all of my lifes experiences in his plan. He wants me to carry his message that will result giving life back to others that need him.
    Most people congrigate to “like others” and they are more prone to really listen when they talk with someone that they can relate to. “Go figure”…..It is so true. “God is amazing”.
    All this time I never knew…My hurt and sorrow was/is never for self pitty. It can be a blessing.
    ( Who’ld have thought??) I am the work of God. That cross I bared and carried that felt so heavy and impossible…….”It has been lifted,” and is not so heavy after all………………..xo.
    I am currently working on my relationship with God. God will tell me when I am ready to do his will. Right now, I am learning to live, love, laugh, “and walk with God”….Today, I have something to really look forward to.
    I am so grateful. xo

  5. Anonymous

    @ Lisa
    Today I realize how important it is to believe in God. Although, I have found it very discouraging for myself, as well as witnessing the discouragement in others in the past that did not understand when I/we heard that “God heals”.. …
    God heals what? Who? When? Why him and not her? Does God pick and choose?
    God does not alway’s “heal” in the context that one may be clinging to when hearing those words.
    “Powerful words that could run someone away just finding/walking with God if they ever called on his healing and it doesn’t happen.
    I do believe God can heal our hurts and make sence of all of them when we take God completely into our lives.
    I believed God would heal my fiance from cancer because I truly believe in God today. I know that to not be true. I know God is taking him for whatever reason………..????
    I’m a little emotional tonight. My comment to your post lisa was only the opportunity to release some saddness i’m feeling, as well as share my personal frustrations I have had when relying on such powerful words that have been mis understood, For what ever reason, I just really wanted to share that with you all. Maybe we can all elaborate when sharing the message of the healings God has given in our lives and not share such powerful statements that could ultimatly discourage our/someones faith in God. xo

  6. Anonymous

    @ annonymous June 26, 10:15 – Thank you for your post. I have been where you seem to be now. Frustrated and deeply saddened when I don’t see healings done in my own family. My reply was simply stating a truth that I do believe Jesus does still heal. I don’t believe He only healed while on the earth. I don’t know why some are healed and some are not. But for me, I still trust and love HIm. At one of my lowest points, I honestly thought about walking away from God. I spent a few hours contemplating it – weighing the pro’s and cons. Even went through that time not talking to Him. In the end, I found myself sobbing and my heart crying out for Him. How could I turn and walk away? I have seen Him too many times, I have been set free from things that only God set me free from (I know because I tried every other way other than God). I have expereinced the peace and joy that washes over me in times that could only have come from Him. And so I chose to run back into His arms, still holding some unanwered questions but choosing to trust He is. Anyway, thank you again for pointing out that words can be taken wrong and hurt others. I am so sorry if I hurt you or anyone else. I tend to be an emotional passionate woman who blurts it out – mostly with the best intentions. I think its wonderful that in love, you shared your heart and this is the benefit of a blog like this. And in the end, I hope we all cling to God and His Words more than any other person’s words.

    @ Anonymous on June 26, 2012 at 6:34 pm – wow – thank you for sharing your honest journey and I praise God that you have landed in His arms! I encourage you to keep sharing your testimony with others and may it minister to many others.


    1. Anonymous

      To be completly honest Anonymous. I have not completly surrender and put all faith into God as I have been writting through this blog and i’m sure it shows through my words in my last post. I truly wasn’t meaning to be directing my comment to Lisa or anybody indirectly, even though I wrote it addressing her. I am still weak and very emotional and I truly only have the best intensions as well. I am very happy to have such a blog that I can talk to others that do have the kind of relationship with God that I so desperatly want and need in my life. I am sorry. I don’t always come across the way I am intending to, expecially when I am in a weak spot in my recovery, and then I sometimes go a little way off base. My appologies. With love……. xo

      1. sherribennettblog

        I just love your honesty and vulnerability! You are OK, my friend, just how you are – weak and emotional. God cannot love you anymore than He does right this very minute; it’s literally impossible. So let yourself just “be.”

        I love 2 Timothy 2:13 because it says, “If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.” (NASB) That means even when you have days where you’re FEELING like you’ve failed or are losing faith, He’s still got ya, because it’s not about us – it’s all about Him! Now, that’s Good News!

  7. Lisa

    I am new at blogging and for some reason my name didn’t show on my response yesterday – it came up as anonymous not Lisa. I am so ok with your comments directed toward me :) I also understand how raw you feel :( praying for all of us as we journey through good days and not so good days! Lisa

  8. Jill

    Lies I have believed in my life mainly surround body image issues. I always felt shame about my stomach. I always though it was fat, even when I was a tall, lean, mean competitive swimmer when I was in jr high and high school, with that kind of strong swimmer physique. I have looked back at pics of myself, and have been shocked at how NOT fat my stomach was back then. I had such shame and believed the lie so much that after swim practice in the mornings, we would stay all day at the pool of course. I would switch into a two piece in the locker room, but would put a T-shirt on. Then I would go down to my towel and prepare to lay out. I would have to lie down first and then slip my T- shirt off. I was actually too self-conscious to simply sit up and pull the T-shirt off over my head, because I thought every one would see my stomach. When I would need to get up for anything, I would have to put my T-shirt back on WHILE LYING DOWN AGAIN. Jeesh! Talk about bondage. I don’t remember what I would do when I wanted to get into the pool again. I think maybe I would go back up to the locker room and switch into my one piece Speedo again to swim. What a lot of work! So I still am dealing with that issue right now but now it is legit!! LOL! But I am 51 for crying out loud and so I actually have been freeing myself up lately. When I lap swim I roll my tankini top up and let my belly show in the water. It has been liberating!

  9. Jill

    So…when I swim I meditate on God, praising him and thanking him first for being who He is, thanking him for the arms and legs and body to be able to simply be in the water, praying for those who have disabilities that don’t allow them to do things like swim or other activities. I pray during this time and ask Him to help me think more of others than of myself, as I am usually the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning. I feel so grateful to God that sometimes the enemy tries to make me feel shame about how good I actually have it in life, auto-immune diseases and all. That shame is a lie attack from the enemy, so I get back to praying and praising God and asking for the strength and direction to serve my fellow human, and how he wants me to go about that.


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