God lies – FOLLOW-UP

I received some great feedback and questions – both on and off the blog – on God lies. I love the response that talked about our “belief windows.” This is just another great way to articulate that we all live life, view God, ourselves and even others, through our own, unique filters; none of which are perfect yet.

I’ve had a few people tell me they don’t operate out of any lies. I’m not sure whether I believe that or not. I’m still processing. To me, that’s like saying our belief windows about God, (or ourselves), are perfect and unobstructed, or that the lenses of our “glasses” are completely clean, clear and free of debris. I’m not sure that’s possible until we reach our final, perfected state.

Perhaps one of the biggest lies we believe is believing that we don’t believe any.

Just my sweet little opinion.

Either way, I know for me, I will make it a lifelong mission to seek truth, after truth, after truth. I can only speak out of my own testimony and say that as I live my life and more lies are brought to surface and then dispelled, I experience more and more freedom and consequently, more and more peace. And I’m diggin’ it!

A few more thoughts . . .

Somebody on Facebook asked me to address the issue of why we tell ourselves lies to start with.

My thoughts?

  • Lies don’t always come from us. We really do have an enemy who’s happy to shoot them our way. Our biggest problem is thinking that every thought that pops in our head is true and that we need to automatically believe them or act on them.  If I get a thought that I know is not right, I now make a conscious choice not to own it.
  • Sometimes we do tell our own selves lies and want to believe them. Maybe we don’t know any better – we’re just regurgitating what we were taught or modeled. But other times we believe lies so that we don’t have to look at our own issues. Or perhaps we do it because we’re used to feeling sorry for ourselves; or we’re comfortable in our “uncomfortableness” because it’s familiar. We may even hold onto lies because we insist on seeing things the way we wish they would be. There are many reasons.

Regarding the person who said they believed the lie that they couldn’t be used by God because of lost opportunity . . .

Somebody reminded me that sometimes we do, in fact, lose opportunities. I whole-heartedly agree. I have lost some myself. To clarify, the lie isn’t believing that a person will have the same opportunities again; it’s very possible that they will not. The lie is believing that one can no longer be used by God – even in a great way. But, the Apostle Paul tells us:

“God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.” Rom. 11:29 (NIV)

If God’s put a call on our lives, it’s still there. Jon Courson does a great job of talking about this in his commentary when he speaks on the story of Jonah.

Well, friends, thanks again for all of the fantastic feedback. Now it’s off to the rest of my day, which will consist of a little exercise and music rehearsal tonight. Always welcoming your comments, questions, clean jokes and even disagreements. Keep ‘em coming!

3 thoughts on “God lies – FOLLOW-UP

  1. Jon Brown

    I think that age has a way of bringing about the realization of our own lies. When I was younger, those lies were being developed based on my experiences. Conversely, so were the truth’s! But that’s a different subject altogether. Like a meatloaf that has breadcrumbs baked into it, we might one day see the breadcrumbs, but trying to remove them becomes next to impossible, which leads me to another thought… Not discounting what Christ can do in our lives (which is just about anything), maybe like the apostle Paul’s thorn, we too have “lies” or any number of other struggles, that grace may just need to be sufficient for. NO, I don’t believe I can coast on grace, but I can rely on God’s grace to get me past all of those deficiencies.


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