And we’re off!

Happy New Year, friends!

I am so excited to start a new year, I can hardly stand it. I guess because I’m a person who loves change, I look forward to new adventures, different experiences and new growth opportunities. (Remind me of this when a challenging new “opportunity” to grow knocks me upside the head.)

Because one of my highest values is personal growth, each year I ask God to give me a word to camp on for the entire year – one that I might need to ruminate on and incorporate into my life at a deeper level. Sometimes that word is extended over two or even three years, such as when He gave me the word “freedom.” In that case, it seems I had many, many, many, many, many, many, many things I needed to be free from so that word stuck around for a good three years. Yippee.

Nonetheless, those words have always steered me right and helped me stay attentive to what I needed to work on.

The other day, the word that came to mind for this year was “proactive.” Boy, is that a loaded word. I think it’s a term we don’t often think about and even more so, don’t put into practice. But then we wonder why we keep going round and round the same dumb mountain until we’re ready to throw up. Can I get a witness?

So, this year I don’t want to wait until I’m in crisis to initiate change. I don’t want to wait until I’m completely stressed out to put into practice the things that help de-stress me; like taking walks on the beach or putting the fireplace on and reading a good book. I don’t want to wait until I’ve gained five more pounds before I decide to eat healthier and exercise more. And I don’t want to wait until I “feel” like memorizing Scripture again. I want to start now. I want to be proactive.

Perhaps you need a word to camp on too. Maybe like me, your word should be proactive. Maybe it’s time to stop thinking about the things you’d like to do and accomplish in your life and actually start doing them.

Maybe your word should be freedom, as there are issues that have been keeping you down for far too long that God wants you to finally deal with and be free from.

Or perhaps it should be…



Be still, or


Whatever it is, I encourage you to think about it. Maybe instead of focusing on your New Year’s resolutions, ask God to give you your own personal word that you can focus on throughout the year – one that will actually support and help you achieve those resolutions.

And if you feel bold enough, I’d love to hear your word. I will  commit to praying that God will remind you of it throughout this year and do great things as you continue to submit your growth process to Him!

5 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. katierawlins

    I like the idea of focusing on a word for the year. I am going to chew on that some and think about what my word should be.

  2. sherribennettblog

    I had a person share that their word is “seek” – they want to spend this year seeking God much more. And for another it was “adventure” – and her adventure with God has already started! I’m praying for us all and can’t wait to share what God is doing.


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