And baby makes three.

Juls Megill Photography

Awesome pic by Juls Megill Photography

Meet grandbaby number three. He’s the third bear over. Caleb’s the name, but Nana calls him Liki. And no, he is not really sitting on a shelf. Our family is not that crazy and irresponsible. Only a little.

Now I have three amazing grandsons to snuggle with, feed carrots to, and dig for worms with. (Well, that’s actually Papa’s job. I’ll stick to feeding them.) Carter is the best worm-finder and hug-giver in all of Orange County. Noah’s the best morning snuggler. And Caleb…I can’t wait to discover all of beautiful him.

IMG_8996  IMG_9133

Suddenly life doesn’t seem to suck all that much anymore. (For those of you new to the blog, feel free to check out my last two posts to bring you up to speed on my not-so-great attitude.)

It’s amazing what a shift in perspective will do. And getting your mind off yourself.

I have nothing deep to write today. No confessions, no life lessons. Just an introduction to the new little joy that has taken up residency in my heart, and a reintroduction to the two that already live there.

I am a blessed woman.

That’s deep enough.

14 thoughts on “And baby makes three.

  1. Debra Hall

    you sure are blessed :)Love the little bear photo… I knew he was not on a shelf, but thought it was an ultra clever photographer to set that up and light it just right to give the illusion. Your best days are ahead of you.God has great plans for you.The foundation God has placed in your life through your experiences and life lessons will support any of the challenges you may face today… or in the future… nothing is ever wasted. Enjoy the snuggles,worms and naps, lots of naps, with your little ones. probably the biggest challenge facing you today is how you can love on all three of them at once :)Blessings, Debra :) 

    1. sherribennettblog

      Yes! I am so blessed. It’s amazing how I can love all three of them completely and wholly all at the same time. They each have their own special place carved out in my heart; I think like God has for each of us! Love you, sweet friend. Thanks for always encouraging me.

  2. Bonnie

    Loved your blog and the joy and shift in perspective that three little ones can bring. Keep writing. You are encouraging and blessing many.

  3. Jillypoo

    What a wonderful new stage of your life. You are the youngest looking grandma I have ever met that’s for sure. Congrats!


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