Meet Sherri

Published author and inspirational communicator, Sherri Stone-Bennett is a creative, over-analytical, lover of people whose passion is to help others live in the freedom she sought for so many years. Through her unique style of communicating, she is able to make tough truths easy to swallow by sharing her own personal struggles with humor and candor.

Sherri has written devotionals, newsletters and eBlast’s for several organization’s and has been published in a devotional book for moms, It’s a Good Thing Children Are a Treasure… They’ve Broken All My Other Ones. She is currently working towards her degree in Biblical and Theological Studies while writing her first full-length book, Secrets of a Screwed-Up Saint.

But more importantly…

  • She eats gluten-free, loves coffee brewed with cinnamon and ridiculously sweet buttercream vanilla frosting that’ll make your hair curl.
  • She is a big jokester and loves to laugh (at the expense of others, of course).
  • She has held roles as leader of women’s ministries, worship leader and lay-counselor.
  • She loves spending time with her family more than anything else in the world. Even more than eating frosting.
  • She is crazy about God and has dedicated her life to loving Him by sharing his goodness with others.

Sherri resides in Southern California with the love of her life, Norm, and their ever-growing family.

4 thoughts on “Meet Sherri

  1. Chris Monahan (@iceczar)

    Didn’t know you were a student AND a budding author (in addition to all the other wonderful things). The depth of your beauty is stunning.
    May God keep you on a straight path and may He be glorified by your accomplishments.


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