What am I doing wrong?

I haven’t blogged in a while but I couldn’t think of a better post to get the ball rolling again. This is a repost from a blog I follow, God and Heather. This woman is fierce. Her humility, honesty, wisdom and strength are inspiring. I have been so blessed by her; I know you will too!


Ok…this is a sad story. It’s about me, but since it isn’t something I remember saying, I can tell you as if it were someone else and tell you that it breaks my heart that someone would think this. Last time I was in for chemo i was talking with the nurse that was with me the night I ended up in ICU. I told her the last thing I remember saying out loud before waking up in ICU was, “I look like I’m about to give birth to twins!” ( that’s how distended my stomach was). She said, “I remember very clearly the last thing you said to ME before you went in ICU. ” She got teary as she told me how she had left the room after I had gone into the bathroom. I was miserable and my mom called her back in to see if she…

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2 thoughts on “What am I doing wrong?

  1. Jill Hennessy

    Wow!! I am glad I read this. That is what I have been attempting to tell myself every day that passes that I am STILL not sitting in pre-op about to get my much needed second neck surgery. I ask myself, what if it is God’s will that my spinal cord gets more damaged due to a car accident or ball fall and I become a quadriplegic while waiting for my surgery. But on the other side of this waiting and not being released back to work until I am fixed, I have had so many blessings. Time to rest, time to do more service, time to meditate, etc. God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good!


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