How full of it ARE you?

Not long ago I was out shopping with my husband. Being the driven people that we are, we kept going and going, hour after hour, until suddenly, I couldn’t go on anymore. I hit the proverbial wall. I was too weak. I needed to eat something.

Because I ran out of fuel, my body no longer had energy. I could no longer effectively contribute my time to shopping. In fact, I couldn’t contribute to anything. I had nothing to draw from.

Many Christians live life this way. I’m not talking about doing too much ministry work and then burning out, or being too busy to take care of our families. I’m talking about not being filled enough with the Spirit of God to draw from and effectively live out our Christian walks.

Let me explain.

In Ephesians 5:18, Paul encouraged the church at Ephesus to be filled with the Holy Spirit. However, the Greek term used for “filled,” plērŏō, is not referring to an initial act of filling as in being filled with the Spirit upon conversion. Remember, they were already Christians. The word connotes being complete or full to capacity. Also, the word is in the present imperative tense, referring to an ongoing action. In other words, Paul was encouraging them to be constantly, fully filled with the Spirit.

Picture yourself blowing into a balloon using only two to three breaths. Is the balloon full? Well, to an extent. But it could be more full. This is what this term means: filling the balloon until it can’t be any more full. Now, what happens over time if you don’t keep refilling the balloon? It starts to deflate. It loses its shape, its identity as a beautiful, full balloon. (Hm . . .)

How many times have you said something you wish you hadn’t? Or handled a situation in a way that was far less than godly? I was recently faced with a situation that I knew would be tough to handle. But this time, instead of merely relying on my faith, I spent time in the Word, filling myself up with the Spirit beforehand. And because of that, I was able to draw from the fullness of God’s grace and love within me and handle the situation completely differently than if I had I tried to do it out of my own “Christian” strength.

How full are you with the Spirit this very moment? A few “breaths” full or maximum capacity?

Remember, the more you have of His Spirit operating in you, the less room there is for your own will, ideals, and tendency’s. Take more time to fill yourself up with the life-giving sustenance that can only be found in Christ!

3 thoughts on “How full of it ARE you?

  1. Bonnie Brown

    Loved your blog. And I admire your commitment to helping others. I’m so proud of being your mom. You bless me.

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  2. Jill

    Thank you Sherri. I do not feel completely filled to capacity as in your balloon analogy. Right now at 5 p.m. on Wednesday evening I am more deflated then filled. I am lacking strength and energy. Thank you for reminding me what the source is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I know what to do I just have to do it! Love you.


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